Leaving People Waiting : Alfredonian Etiquette & Chivalry

In this episode In talk about how it is dangerous for you to Leave People Waiting for you.
Many people have the extremely bad culture of leaving people waiting for them. Whether it’s in the office or at home they think it is normal and Ok! for a client or a visitor to spend minutes; even hours waiting in the reception room before they tell their secretary they are ready to see them. This is bad etiquette. It is dangerous. No matter how unimportant you think they are it is all the more reason to treat them like Kings & Queens.
Note that everyone’s time is precious to them. It’s not only your time that is precious. Their time is precious too.

About “Alfredonian Etiquette & Chivalry”:

Alfredonian Etiquette as well as Alfredonian Chivalry are perfected principles of Etiquette and Chivalry respectively.
It was created by Pastor Alfred Benjamin King and is based on Victorian Etiquette and Chivalry.
You would find that an academic understanding of Good Manners and Graceful conduct goes a long way to influence those around you and make you climb up the ladder of social classes in any and every society.

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