For Those Who Are Saying Pastors Should Investigate Offerings & Tithes To Make Sure It’s Not Stolen Money

   For those who are saying let Pastors ask those giving offering where they got the money from to make sure it’s not stolen money or money gotten illegally:

– Let them also tell Red Cross & Other charities not to take donations without asking and investigating where the donors got the money. (After all, even Al Capone, Lucky Luciano,  and every notorious criminal in history gave to charity. You can hadly find a criminal in history who didn’t give to charity at some point or another. Al Capone gave regularly. Why don’t you tell charities to investigate where donors get their money).

– Let them tell Banks not to take money from people until the Bank investigates where the money came from. (After all, don’t Bank Robbers keep their money in Banks? After Bank Robbers rob banks where do they keep their money. Do you think they keep it under their pillows? No, they go to another bank or another branch of the same Bank and deposit the money in their Bank Account. If Banks investigate every deposit customers make won’t they retrieve stolen money too.)

– Let them tell Cab Drivers & Shop Owners not to accept payments from customers until they investigate where the customer got the money from.
If someone gives you a Gift Card on your birthday, wouldn’t you take it. Why don’t you ask him if he stole it before taking it.

The Fact Is: This nonsense about saying a Pastor is without integrity if he doesn’t investigate where those giving tithes & offering got their money from is just another disgusting way for the world to persecute & discriminate against the Church.